Harrissa Olive oil

Harrissa Olive oil

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Most popular in North Africa and the Middle East, Harissa is made with (often smoked) chili peppers, garlic, caraway, coriander and cumin. The ingredients are pounded to a paste, which is left to develop its flavors for at least 12 hours.

COMPLEMENTS - Meat, chicken, eggs, vegetables, bread, pasta

VINEGAR PAIRINGS - Blueberry, Chocolate, Cinnamon Pear, Coconut, Espresso Bean, Grapefruit, Lemongrass Mint, Mango, Peach, Raspberry, Serrano Honey, Sicililan Lemon, Strawberry, Tangerine, Vanilla Bean, Traditional


-Marinate with any balsamic for grilling chicken, beef or pork

-Combine with Black Cherry to marinate salmon or shrimp

-Combine with Strawberry or Blueberry Balsamic for a spicy, sweet and savory dressing

-Use to cook fried or scrambled eggs and omelets